Hello world!

Hello everyone! So, I finally created my own blog. I want this to be a resource for weight loss tools and accountability. I am so tired of being the fat girl. I have been on the diet yo-yo up and down. Right now I am so far down I’m in a crater! I can’t even see the light! Life should not be like this. Therefore, it’s time for a change. Just to tell y’all a little about me, I am 23 and married to my high school sweetheart. He is my best friend and so sweet to me. In fact he’s a little too sweet. He always tells me I am beautiful. He doesn’t believe I am fat or dare even say obese. But, the fact is I am extremely overweight. God Bless his sweet soul, but I am not healthy at all. I am so grateful to have a husband who loves me unconditionally, but it is kind of a downfall when it comes to motivation. Part of me wants to think “Oh well, my husband doesn’t care so why should I?” But, I have to care to be truly happy with myself (which I’m not right now). I have so many ideas, goals, hopes, dreams, but I never act on them. I am ready for that to change as well. I have said I will lose weight I don’t know how many times. I go to the gym religiously for a couple of months, miss one time and won’t go back for weeks. For some reason, I am so afraid of making a commitment to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Why? Am I so afraid I will never eat the unhealthy foods I loved for so long? That 10:00pm trip to Sonic for a hot fudge sundae? I think I am afraid that if I give things up and “treat” myself one time, or miss one day at the gym, I will just crumble and deviate from my plan in a heartbeat. It feels good to write out what my feelings and thoughts about my weight. So, I have concluded that a.) even though my husband loves me the way I am, I don’t; b.) I know I have to make a commitment for life to slowly change my eating and exercise habits; in it for the long haul!; c) this is just the beginning! šŸ™‚

5 responses to “Hello world!

  1. What a beautiful and genuine blog you have created! Good for you for stepping up and doing this for yourself! Your posts are very inspiring : )

    XOXO ā¤

  2. Go for it! You are beautiful no matter your weight, but when you love yourself you’ll take care of your body. Don’t get discouraged, when you eat well and give your body what it needs your cravings will start to go away.

  3. Awesome! I used to be the same way, and who knows- I might fall off the wagon, but this time, I think I’ve got this thing handled. Is it all right if I link and follow your blog? My blog is at pcos532.wordpress.com

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