Who knew green could be this good?

Hello everyone! It is a rainy dreary day here in Little Rock, but in my world its a sunny tropical kind of day! I made my first green smoothie! It is so yummy. It really is true that I can’t even taste the spinach I put in it. My husband thought I had lost my mind and I still haven’t been able to convince him to try it. I made a yummy mango, pineapple, banana, spinach smoothie. So tropical..I hear the palm trees swaying. This is the beginning of a new habit hopefully. Of course it isn’t as velvety smooth as if it was in a vitamix, but it’s still pretty good. I will get a vitamix one day! My husband and I went grocery shopping at Walmart and as we went down theaisles I would say, “I can make that with a Vitamix”. When he picked up his $8.00 icecream, I yet again said, “You know I could make that with a Vitamix to and I bet it wouldn’t cost nearly as much as $8.00”. Then I was on the hunt for hummus. For anybody looking the hummus at our Walmart is over by the deli section where they keep their deli pizzas. Yet again, I told my husband the vitamix can make hummus to! I think he may be getting tired of hearing about the Vitamix, but I think my life would be a lot easier if I had one! 🙂 You think he gets the hint of what I want for Christmas? Well, back to my green smoothie..oh how I love the way you taste! You will be my breakfast from now on! You helped me say no to the evil doughnuts in the break room! Here is to the first step to a new good habit and to losing weight!

5 responses to “Who knew green could be this good?

  1. Awesome!!! I was so excited the first time I tried a green smoothie. I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. You’ll feel great too, they are so energizing.

    One tip, mango, pineapple and banana are all higher on the glycemic index. Try adding some lower GI fruits like peaches and berries.

    And good luck on the vitamix. I have a blendtec and it has really changed the way I cook and eat.

    • Thanks for the tips Kristy! It kind of felt like a berry was missing. I love strawberries so I think I will get some frozen ones to add. I tried this one smoothie called the pink pineapple and it was delicious. Think I might try that tomorrow morning. I have heard great things about blendtec to! Do you make things other than smoothies in your blendtec?

      • I use my blender everyday. We make smoothies every day. I also use it to make a lot of soups and sauces, grind nuts and grains, I make nut milks and nut butters. There are so many uses. It’s the most used appliance I’ve ever purchased. One nice thing about the Blendtec is it fits under a standard countertop so I can leave it out all the time. I think a vitamix is a few inches taller and won’t fit under your cabinet if you leave it on the counter.

  2. How’s it going with the green smoothies?

    • Well, I tried making a banana and strawberry with spinach, but my blender can’t break up strawberry seeds and I hate the texture of seeds. So I the next day I made a banana and apple with spinach and that was really good. I have been having oatmeal the last couple of days but I do really like the green smoothies.

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