Back to the gym I finally go…about time!

Hello, it seems it’s already been a week since I have put a new post on here. That’s probably because I am so disappointed in myself for being lazy and eating lazy. All last week I didn’t go to the gym or do any kind of exercise and I ate really bad for me food. It seems like I always do so much better at losing weight when I have a plan. My problem is on Wed and Thurs I go over to a friends after work, and I always seem to just stop by whichever fast food place is closer, Sonic, McDonald’s..ugh. I really don’t even like McDonald’s anymore..but it just seems easier and more convenient.

I have done better starting this week. When I cook, I eat healthier.  Last night I grilled some turkey breast, had steamed broccoli and cheese and some green beans. And, last night I went to the gym. It felt really good, yet embarrassing at the same time. When I got on the riding bicycle it was squeaking really loudly! I just felt like the guys on the machines behind me probably were going, “Yeah, that squeaking noise is the fat girl on the bicycle”. Well, I got off that one and moved to a different recumbent bike and it didn’t make any noise at all so that helped. But, I can definitely tell I am way freaking out of shape!

And, of course mother nature has just made me feel like an even fatter blob today. I fighting the blob by drinking a lot of water, that seems to help me feel better. I am thinking if I leave straight from work over to my friends, we could have enough time to walk around her neighborhood, and if I bring stuff to contribute maybe we could just cook dinner over there. She’s a way better cook than me. In fact I think her homemade chili sounds yummy!

Trying to stay positive,  Charity 🙂

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