Don’t want to feel like a COW!

Hello everyone, so the office I work at does not seem to be helping me any with my weight and eating issues. They have this system where any time there is a birthday someone gets a cake for them and then we rotate out. Therefore I sear we have a different cake almost every other week and they seem to last for days…so every time I go get my lunch the stupid cake laughs at me and says “You know you want some of this buttercream sweetness”! And, every couple of months we have potlucks! Like today! There is soooo much food. And you know how people can be social smokers or social drinkers? I think I am a social eater…I do so good on my own. But, if someone else is eating it and says it’s good, it seems like I have to eat it to. I know I don’t have to..but I feel compelled to. I am really going to try to be good today. Last time we had a potluck, everyone just ate all day, like cows grazing..going back and forth..back and forth to the food tables. So, I don’t want to feel like a cow today! I will let y’all know how it goes. Y’all want to know what the absolute most awesome part of my day today will be???!!! My boss arranged for us to have each get a chair massage!!!! YES!!!! It will be AMAZING! Can you tell I haven’t had a massage in a long time? Well, I can’t wait for that! So I hope y’all have an awesome day, and I will talk at ya later! 🙂

6 responses to “Don’t want to feel like a COW!

  1. sounds like we work at the same place…i’ve taken to bringing healthy selections to the pitch ins…surprising how many people will eat the fresh veggies and fruit if it’s there. good luck at work!!

  2. I don’t know if it would be appropriate for your particular work place, but maybe just let them all (or at least the ones you’re friends with) know straight up that you’re trying to lose weight. That should add a psychological effect where even though every one else probably doesn’t care, you know that they know that you shouldn’t be going for seconds or thirds or taking a 5×5 slice of cake. And maybe that’ll also prompt people to bring healthier foods to the potluck as a courtesy to you. It might feel ridiculous now, but when your coworkers see you’ve lost 5 or 10 pounds after a month or two, it’ll feel less ridiculous haha

    • Well, I have told everyone I work with that I am trying to lose weight. But, then a lot of people in the office decided to do weight watchers. So this potluck did have a lot more heatlhier options. We had three different types of salads..caesar, a sweet potato salad and a broccoli coleslaw thing. They were good. Of course, I had a little bit of some macaroni salad and a few bbq meatballs that were delicious! But, all in all, there were way more healthier options. For dessert there was the usual cookies and cakes. I brought a pumpkin pie. And my friend brougt fruit. So, I had a slice of pumpkin pie, and I tried some other pecan bar thing, but it wasn’t that great so I threw the rest away…wasn’t worth the calories..LOL. And, had some grapes. It was yummy but now I’m ready for a nap. And fixin to go get my chair massage..I might fall asleep in her chair! 🙂

      • the best chair massage is when you go to a Brookstone, ignore the employees, and sit in one of their $5000 chairs for about 20 minutes.

      • Thats great that everyone preplanned to bring healthy options! I think that is a WONDERFUL idea 😉

  3. Hey Lady, I found you from the blogtolose website. I wanted to come and check out your blog. I think the toughest thing to do is avoid FREE food and when you have potlucks and cakes all around the job it is TOUGH! Like today my boss brought in muffins … big ones that are just full of sugar and other awesome tasting ingredients, instead of having all it I had a small sliver of it just to have a taste then I walked into the other room to avoid having any more of that.

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