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A new campaign from Bzzagent

I know I normally discuss weight loss. But, I am a member of Bzzagent, and was offered a new campaign that I wanted to share on my blog. Through Bzzagent I can try new products and write reviews to help spread information about different products. This one is a link to The Factor Tree. This website is a great resource for parents to use for their children. It’s a website that offers math tutoring, tests, and challenges. Right now they are offering a free trial if you use the promotion code “BZZAGENT”. If you have children in elementary who struggle with math this is a great resource to use. There are different puzzles, practice tests, and various word problems for children to harness new math techniques. Here is the link:



Another week gone by already??!!

Well, I can’t believe another week has already flown by. I didn’t weigh this morning because I was kind of running late. I think I am going to try to do all my measurements tonight though. I am still debating on whether to post a picture on here…I might because when I do start to drop the weight I think it would be nice to see for myself how my body is changing.  After looking at all different websites, I didn’t see any real “plan” that I wanted to follow. I think I just want to set standards and goals for myself. For example, every day I will eat 4-6 servings of vegetables, 2 servings of fruits, and 64 oz of water. I also want to eliminate as many pre-packaged food as possible, and try to eat more organic foods. I have to wait until payday this Friday before I can go to the grocery store, so I pretty much need to finish eating any lean cuisines or canned soups I have. But today, I am very excited about my lunch! I have my mom’s home-made vegetable beef stew! Yum yum! One bowl of that alone has 6 servings of veggies! I am still trying to figure out how to get my hands on a vitamix! I think if I had one of those I could make the best green smoothies, fresh soups, fresh peanut, cashew, or almond butter, hummus, and almond milk! Yum! I really want to get into eating more raw foods. So I am taking this one day at a time.

Oh, and I have been shown to the world of free samples and coupons!!! I had a friend show me how to join bzzagent and mypoints! As well as some other sites to get free stuff. So, my thinking is that I can work towards getting enough points to get giftcards to pay for a vitamix..? That’s what I’m shooting for anyway. Hope yall have a great day! And if you’re interested in getting involved with bzzagent or mypoints just let me know.

Back to Reality…

Hello everyone! Hope y’all all had a great weekend! I resisted buying any candy and wasn’t trying to a poor sport about not giving out candy, but I really just didn’t want any in the house! No temptations! But, it’s back to work and back to reality. And the reality is…I still don’t have a handle on my eating habits. I still am not eating healthy consistently, and I am still eating out WAY TOO much! Well, and I weighed this morning and I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain any either…so I was kinda happy about that. The only thing I have doing good with is exercising. I exercised every day last week! I went to the gym three days and worked out really hard and the days in between that I went walking with my mom and a friend. We did 2 miles those days. The beautiful weather was just too nice to resist. I fell out of my breakfast smoothie habit; not too happy about that. Let me ask yall this? Why does eating healthy have to be so expensive???!!! Or maybe it’s I’m just that that poor..? I don’t know, but I have to go get some groceries. Out of fresh veggies and fruit. Hmmm…I know I keep saying that I want to make a nutrition plan to stick by and I still haven’t done that. I also haven’t set any realistic goals and rewards either. I think that maybe if I do that it might help motivate me to really eat right and get this stinkin weight off! So, that’s my task for tonight to come up with a plan and I will post it tomorrow. Hope yall are having a great day, and I will talk at ya later! 🙂