Back to Reality…

Hello everyone! Hope y’all all had a great weekend! I resisted buying any candy and wasn’t trying to a poor sport about not giving out candy, but I really just didn’t want any in the house! No temptations! But, it’s back to work and back to reality. And the reality is…I still don’t have a handle on my eating habits. I still am not eating healthy consistently, and I am still eating out WAY TOO much! Well, and I weighed this morning and I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain any either…so I was kinda happy about that. The only thing I have doing good with is exercising. I exercised every day last week! I went to the gym three days and worked out really hard and the days in between that I went walking with my mom and a friend. We did 2 miles those days. The beautiful weather was just too nice to resist. I fell out of my breakfast smoothie habit; not too happy about that. Let me ask yall this? Why does eating healthy have to be so expensive???!!! Or maybe it’s I’m just that that poor..? I don’t know, but I have to go get some groceries. Out of fresh veggies and fruit. Hmmm…I know I keep saying that I want to make a nutrition plan to stick by and I still haven’t done that. I also haven’t set any realistic goals and rewards either. I think that maybe if I do that it might help motivate me to really eat right and get this stinkin weight off! So, that’s my task for tonight to come up with a plan and I will post it tomorrow. Hope yall are having a great day, and I will talk at ya later! 🙂

7 responses to “Back to Reality…

  1. hey, not gaining weight is a good thing…I’ve taken off 2 of the 4 pounds I gained, pretty pleased about that. I agree, making a plan (and sticking with it) is a great tool…looking forward to reading about it. And good for you for not buying any candy…wish I could say the same thing!

  2. I agree, do not buy the candy if you don’t want the temptation. I should give you 3 cheers for not using “I need to pass out candy” as an excuse to indulge on some. I agree.. that eating out can really be a killer to any kind of diet. They trick you into thinking your eating a nice yummy salad…and to later find out it was more calories than the cheeseburger you could of had. So disappointing! Steer clear, and stay on track!

  3. Do you have a Fresh and Easy in your area? I find their prices to be reasonable and the store is set up in a way so that, as long as you avoid the pastry fridge, it’s almost impossible not to shop healthy!

    • No I don’t think we have any Fresh and Easy stores in AR that I know of? I can look into it. We do have a Whole Foods in Little Rock, but it’s almost a 40 min drive and the food seems to be expensive. I am looking into shopping more at Kroger because the produce always looks better than Walmart. Every time I buy greens from Walmart they don’t even last a week before they are turning brown. I am still trying to do some research on what kind of nutrition plan I want to follow. I tried Weight Watchers but it seemed to complicated keeping track of points and figuring points….and I really want to start eating more naturally healthy food, raw looking into that as well. But, I think I need to watch like Food Inc or Supersize Me, something that will turn me off to fast food…ugh! I don’t really want fast food, but I use the convenience as an excuse for going through! I am really not liking eating stuff that I don’t know what’s in it or how many preservatives it has..etc. Like with Weight Watchers I was eating frozen Smart One’s but when I read the label and all the preservatives in it, I was totally turned off to them…Why is it that so much of the food available to use is so full of chemicals that we can’t pronounce let alone spell and the average American has no clue what it is???!!! Sorry, kind of had to vent… 🙂

      • There’s a youtube video about a mcdonald’s happy meal that some woman kept for 4 years and it hasn’t decayed at all. And the fries are still good as new-looking. Search for that. You will never want to touch fast food again.

  4. Proud of you for working out every day! I don’t know if you’ve seen them at the store or not, but one thing you can do to make your greens last longer are to get those “stay fresh” bags. I forget the name of them..but they are bags meant especially for greens and keep the moisture out. You can reuse them so it’s affordable. :O) You can always also place a paper towel in the ziplock with your greens. Never leave them in the plastic baggie you buy them in. ALways repackage them in ziplocks and lay a piece of a paper towel under them. It sucks away the moisture and keeps them from going bad. You can also wrap parsley, herbs, cilantro etc in a wet paper towel..make sure it’s just damp not soaking. And they will keep longer also. :O)

    • That is a fantastic idea. I have been leaving mine in the bad bags 😉 I’m going to pass this on to my bf too because he was questioning me about this a few weeks back!

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