Can eating this healthy taste so good?!

The answer: YES!!! I put my vitamix to work. I have been talking aobut this for weeks. So, when it came in I took it over to a friends house and made a green smoothie for everyone to try. I got my mom, my friend, and grandma to try it. It was so funny to see the looks on their faces as they sniffed it and then finally took a sip. Then my mom was said, “Wow, this is really good!” And, Grandma Punch (who’s 84) took a sip and said, “Tastes like a milkshake, but if I’m in the bathroom all night, I’ll be calling you!” Hehehe! Needless to say, I made a few more believers in the green smoothie! It was so much fun!

So, this morning I got up and made another green smoothie for breakfast to take with me to work:

I know to some it may not look very good, but it tastes AMAZING!!! I found myself craving it when I got up this morning. I put in 2 bananas, 7 strawberries, 2 cups of frozen pinapple chunks, and 3 cups of baby spinach and some water. My strawberries were frozen to, so my smoothie was really thick and cold. 🙂 I have these cups we got at our state fair that are 32 oz, I believe.

So, that’s what I am putting it in to take to work. Of course it sure brings up a lot of interesting conversation at work! I’m on the right road finally. I am heading to the grovery store when I get off work. I wonder if there’s any store in the boonies of Arkansas where I live that would sell spirulina? 🙂

3 responses to “Can eating this healthy taste so good?!

  1. You’ve totally converted me to a green smoothie lover, and I do believe that Vita-mix is a cool machine!!!!

    Glad you’re feeling like you’re on the right road. Keep working at it!!! We both can do this 🙂

    • Awesome! Thanks for the encouragement! I really feel like this time is THE time..when I really buckle down and lose the weight! So glad I have another green smoothie lover friend! 🙂

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