Last night I went to get as much produce as I could to make different kinds of smoothies. So, this morning I got up and went to try a new smoothie recipe. This one called for half a beet and it would look hot pink. Well I have established I don’t like beets. It was AWFUL!!! Of course I think part of it was maybe I didn’t scrub the beet hard enough when I was cleaning it? I don’t know but no matter what I added to it, it tasted like dirt! So I scratched that idea, cleaned the vitamix and started a new one. This time I washed some kale and put that in. Then I put in a frozen berry mix, a banana, and some flax seeds. I like the flavor but hate the texture of the flax so I think I’ll leave that alone for a while. So that’s my adventures so far.

2 responses to “Experimentation

  1. hmm…maybe peel the beet? I use ground flax seed in my smoothies…supposedly your body can absorb the nutrition better when it’s ground…

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