Monthly Archives: February 2011

What Day Is It?!

Well, I have just had sooooo much stuff going on lately! I was moved at work and have been trying to get a handle on all the new stuff I am doing. I totally forgot that I haven’t been updating my blog! Well, I haven’t really been eating as good as I want to, but I don’t feel like I’ve been eating really bad either. For example yesterday had soup for lunch and hamburger helper for dinner with some broccoli. So, not as good as I want, but right now money is kinda tight so, it’s “eat what we got” type of thing! Know what I mean?! Ugh…so ready for payday! 🙂   I have to be at work an hour early now! I loved my extra hour of sleep, so this has been rough! I feel like I could really, really use some caffeine! Yesterday, I did not have any chocolate, but I really wanted some! I am trying, but it has been really hard lately. All my cravings are back this week thanks to mother nature! Anything fried, covered in chocolate, has peanut butter, or has caffeine is what sounds good right now! Ahh, yes I just admitted it! Ok, I feel better now that it’s out in the open.. 🙂 So, I hope everyone else is doing well and had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday!


Just say “NO!”

Well, yesterday I didn’t get to post anything because I was actually pretty busy. The other clinical support girl was sick and then our TX office was closed due to snow and ice. Seriously Jack Frost?! Dallas?!…I think we should have gotten some of that, but I will overlook that if we get some snow tomorrow or Monday. 🙂 Anyway, so I thought since I have some down time this morning I would update y’all. So the first weigh in from The Biggest Loser competition at work I was down 2.4lbs. Then last week I gained 3lbs. And, yesterday when I weighed I lost that means what a total loss of 2.1lbs? If my math is right? Well, still not really impressed with these numbers. What is my problem? I can’t seem to say NO! frustrating. I make two greem smoothies a day. One for breakfast and one for an afternoon snack. But, at work when they want to order in or after work when friends and family go out to eat I always go. It makes me feel like I have no self-control. What good does the green smoothies do if I eat Chinese food for dinner? I try to lie to myself to make myself feel better like last night with the Chinese food I had broccoli instead of rice, but I got sesame chicken with that broccoli (which is fried and put in a sauce that has a lot of sugar) and did I say NO to the eggroll…hell no! Does anybody else have this problem? I really need help with this. I really want to do good and lose the weight, but I can’t seem to say NO to these unhealthy foods, and it’s showing on the scale the next week. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. 🙂