Just say “NO!”

Well, yesterday I didn’t get to post anything because I was actually pretty busy. The other clinical support girl was sick and then our TX office was closed due to snow and ice. Seriously Jack Frost?! Dallas?!…I think we should have gotten some of that, but I will overlook that if we get some snow tomorrow or Monday. 🙂 Anyway, so I thought since I have some down time this morning I would update y’all. So the first weigh in from The Biggest Loser competition at work I was down 2.4lbs. Then last week I gained 3lbs. And, yesterday when I weighed I lost 2.7..so that means what a total loss of 2.1lbs? If my math is right? Well, still not really impressed with these numbers. What is my problem? I can’t seem to say NO! Ugh..so frustrating. I make two greem smoothies a day. One for breakfast and one for an afternoon snack. But, at work when they want to order in or after work when friends and family go out to eat I always go. It makes me feel like I have no self-control. What good does the green smoothies do if I eat Chinese food for dinner? I try to lie to myself to make myself feel better like last night with the Chinese food I had broccoli instead of rice, but I got sesame chicken with that broccoli (which is fried and put in a sauce that has a lot of sugar) and did I say NO to the eggroll…hell no! Does anybody else have this problem? I really need help with this. I really want to do good and lose the weight, but I can’t seem to say NO to these unhealthy foods, and it’s showing on the scale the next week. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

4 responses to “Just say “NO!”

  1. my best advise is never to beat yourself up about slipping up! Just stay focused on the goal ahead. You can do it!

    • Thank you! That is really good advice huh? I’m just my worst critic I guess. I know I have to stay focused, but when you get disappointed is when you want to binge. So far, I haven’t done that, but I know I haven’t been making the best choices in what I’m eating. Thank you so much though for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment! 🙂

  2. oh my…I see so much of myself in your blog…and not being able to say no is very frustrating. I guess we just have to keep working at it. Are you exercising? I find I eat better when I’m exercising consistently…like I don’t want to ruin all my hard work…lol! of course that’s not always true…sometimes the exercise is an excuse to eat something I know I shouldn’t eat…argh…can’t win!! No wait…yes we can! We can beat this and get the weight off….let’s do it!

    • Thanks Patti, I haven’t been exercising like I should. That’s unfortunately the one thing that’s easy to say no to! LOL! With my schedule, I know I need to get up and go excercise before work, because when I say I’m going to go in the evening, I never do. But, then in the morning, I keep hitting that snooze button! Ahhh! I went walking twice with a friend when it was warmer before all this winter weather started moving in, but that’s been it. I need to say yes to the workout and no to fried foods..but somehow I have that backwards..hmmm?!

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