Grumbly Tummy

Hello everyone! I’m trying to stay in contact and stay motivated. But, I am starving!!! I got up late and didn’t have time for my green smoothie this morning and I don’t know if that’s it, but I have not been able to keep my stomach from growling for too long. I had a banana this morning at 8. Then about 11 I had some lettuce, bellpeppers, tomatoes, and carrots with light thousand island dressing. I was hungry still after the salad. So, I went down to subway and got a turkey sandwich on flatbread at 12:30. Um, it’s only 2:15 and my stomach is growling again! What the hey?! I’m drinking plenty of water. I’ve already had 64 oz of water. I don’t know what the deal is…

Well, I have to talk to the hubby, but I planned on doing BBQ glazed baked chicken breast (boneless and skinless of course) with steamed broccoli and cheese and green beans. Or I may convince him to have a date night with me…hmm…we’ll see. But, either way, I will be good I promise. 🙂 Ok, well I guess I’ll just sip on some more yummy water…

Does/did anyone else have this problem with constantly being hungry? I don’t want to snack on high calorie foods, but there is only so much bell peppers and carrots I can eat. Any suggestions?

5 responses to “Grumbly Tummy

  1. When I first started Weight Watchers I was freaked out by that desperate hunger feelings…and while I over came them after that first few days, occasionally I still have days where nothing satisfies me and I feel like a bottomless pit. So I rely on drinking cup after cup of hot tea and snacking on fruits and vegetables (which are free in the weight watcher’s world) with a stick of string cheese or a yogurt. And to offset all that I’ve eaten, I make sure to hit the gym extra intense to be sure I burned those extra calories!

    You’ll get through these moments! Believe in yourself and your program, and before you know it that crazy hunger will pass.

  2. Hi Charity, I read your blog all the time because you are just like my husband. He has struggled with his weight all his life. And has had many successes and failures. Of course you are hungry! If you try to maintain the diet you just wrote about you’ll either develop an eating disorder or quit. Make sure to get enough protein everyday and some healthy fats like avocado. My husband and I also do some beans or lentils- this helps a lot with hunger just as long as you stick to about half a cup per meal (even breakfast). Stick with it and don’t give up!

  3. Thanks y’all for the encouraging words and suggestions. I thought I was getting enough protein and carbs from the sandwich. I normally have a green smoothie for breakfast which I guess starts my day off with lots of good stuff, but today I just had a banana. Thanks Kristy for the suggestion of protein and healthy fats, though I don’t know if I do the lentils and beans too You know beans are the magical fruit..just kidding. But, I will definitely stick with eating healthier. Dinner I think will be really good. 🙂

  4. I agree with Kristy above. I usually toss in some black beans and I also keep a handful of walnuts around. Protein is the key to warding off the growling stomach! : ) You are doing great!

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