Forgotten Feelings

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share about how I had forgotten what certain things were like..and how much I’ve missed them. I had forgotten how much I like certain veggies! I cooked the bbq chicken last night (which was so good by the way) and I also steamed some green peas. I took that first bite of those tender little peas with a tad of butter on them, and it was so scrumptious. I had forgotten how good other veggies are besides potatos and french fries don’t count.

Another thing I forgot? How good it felt to workout and get really sweaty! I went last night to the gym. I didn’t think I was going to because traffic was horrendous on the way home. I was seriously yelling at other drivers like they could hear me. 🙂 So, I was really frustrated and it took me over an hour to make a usual 20 minute drive, but I thought right now as much aggression as I have, I need to go to the gym. It was packed in there. I guess everyone decided this would be the year to get healthy. So, I had a mini workout just having to walk the what seemed like a mile to get to the gym because I had to park so far away. When I got in the only cardio equipment open was a stationary bike. I hopped on and started pedaling. Of course the girl beside me was on a 9 tension and I thought I could totally handle a 5..yeah that didn’t last 5 minutes and I turned down the resistance to 2. But, I did last 30 minutes on the bike riding over 5 miles! Needless to say my buttocks are really, really sore. But, I had forgotten the way it feels to be pedaling your heart out and keep pushing’re at 15 go to’re at 20; you can make it to 30 minutes. And, then the happiness when you surpass what you thought you could physically.’s so nice. I’ll be going back tonight, but I think I will wait until later in the evening after the 5 o’clock rush. I think I’ll go home and eat dinner first and then go to the gym about 8. Maybe it won’t be so packed then. I couldn’t get to any of the weight machines because there were people waiting for them.

But, it’s nice to remember certain feelings. I’m also glad I have this blog to look back on and see what it’s like when I’m eating right and exercising, how much more positive my outlook is. 🙂 I hope everyone else has a great day!

One response to “Forgotten Feelings

  1. Just a thought, since I used to have a gym membership. Always better to go directly to the gym even if that risks not getting your favorite equipment. Often times after you get home, get changed and eat dinner…something happens where you lose your steam. Also, when I worked out later I didn’t sleep as well because my body was still reved up. : ) Only thoughts….
    : )

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