Versatile Blogger Award

I want to thank for nominating me!

The Versatile Blogger Award has the following rules:

  1. Post a picture of the award
  2. Thank the award giver
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 5 other bloggers about this and tell them so

7 Random facts about me….

  1. I am a Virgo.
  2. I met my husband when I was 13 years old.
  3. I was only 19 when we got married.  
  4. I have my bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, emphasis on community health.
  5. I love, love, love dachshunds-weiner dogs. I have two, Duke and Pixie.
  6. I do sing in the shower when I’m home alone.
  7. I’m on a journey to lose 150 pounds.

The nominees are:


Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!! 🙂 ~Charity

3 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hi Charity! I am currently doing a degree in Health Science with the Open Univerisity. How did you find it? I have done a couple of courses so far on nutrition, health and obesity… finding it really interesting.
    Betty xxx

    • Omg..I wrote out this huge long response and then it got deleted..sigh. Here it goes again: My degree is actually in community health. So, I did take a little bit of everything in the health field, mental health, nutrition, exercise classes, but mostly I studied how to create and implement health education programs. I worked with the state department of health here in Little Rock. I created a “mock” diabetes education program for the community. It was really interesting, but the dept of health here isn’t hiring. I actually work for the company that has the state contract to process all the mental health medicaid claims. Right now I’m just an assistant. But, I’ve learned a lot about social work from my co-workers since most reviewers are licensed social workers. I now think I want to go back and get my master’s in social work. Good luck with your degree! I’m glad you find it interesting. I know I did. I was actually a biology major and health science minor, but I found the health classes so interesting and fun that I switched and became a health science major and biology minor. Hope you have a great day! 🙂 ~Charity

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