Paying for bad choices…along with 3 dogs and a cat :)

I’m pretty sure I paid for some bad choices yesterday. I thought I did so good planning ahead last Sunday. I bought plenty of fresh vegetables, cut them up, and put them in containers to take to work. However, I’m still not where I can just pass up a free good meal..sigh.

Tuesday we had this big convention thing at work, which is why I haven’t been on here lately because I’ve been so busy. Well we ordered bbq sandwich stuff with all the fixins and sides. After the bigwigs ate their lunch there was plenty of leftovers and we common folk were told we could partake in what was left in the break room….Did I eat my cut up veggies like I had planned????!!! Um, that’d be a no! I had an openfaced sandwich with pulled pork on one side and chicken on the other, as well as a cup of beans and probably 2 cups of potato salad (the kind made with sour cream and ham). So, not only was that not very healthy choices, but that was more than a serving of pork. Which, if I haven’t mentioned every time I have bacon of any sort makes me sick. But, I thought this meat would be ok. And, granted I haven’t really had any meat other than tunafish salad in over 3 weeks (with the exception of Genghis Grill which was divine and healthy..but I digress).

So, the end effects? Bad trips to the bathroom til midnight Tues and then again Wed morning and practically no sleep for me! When people will I learn my lesson?!

  1. Lesson #1: No pork of any kind will be ingested if at all possible!!!
  2. Lesson #2: I will stick to my planned lunch!
  3. Lesson #3: Oh, yeah, NO PORK OF ANY KIND WILL BE EATEN!!!

On a positive note though, I have been eating very healthy today. And, staying on track. Now, I just need to get my booty in gear and get some cardio done! πŸ™‚

Ok, well on a whole non food related post…I’m a complete animal lover, but if I had to choose between cats and dogs..dogs would win hands down. I’ve never had a cat because my dad was allergic. And, every time my husband would ask I’ve always said no when it comes to cats. We have 3 dogs though! I got my first dog right after we bought our house, Duke a male mini dachshund.

Then, I wanted a female companion, and I’ve always wanted a piebald. So, I got Pixie a female piebald mini dachshund.

Well, the hubby decided those are not “manly” enough we also now have Lucy who is a lab mix and is our “guard dog” outside.

I tell you all this because yesterday afternoon it started to storm. When my hubby got home he opened the garage door to come in through that way. Well a couple of hours later it stopped raining and we decided to get out and run some errands. When we returned I opened the garage door to park my vehicle and after parking to the right in my husbands military supplies and extra uniforms was this little cat. Probaby only 6 months old. He meowed just once and stole my husband’s heart. Of course I said we needed to make sure it didn’t belong to anyone else in the neighborhood. And to no avail did anyone claim him. Of course my husband’s conscious along with my cousin who lives with us couldn’t abide letting roam around (which, ok I couldn’t either because we live close to a busy highway and I didn’t want him to get run over). So, now, I have eaten my words of sayin I will never own a cat. Because before I knew it he stole my heart, and has been named Jasper. Oh, please help me, now we have 3 dogs and a cat!!! We might as well apply for grants as an animal shelter. But here is Jasper….

So, now you see my dilemma.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is have a great day and making healthy choices!

~Charity πŸ™‚

4 responses to “Paying for bad choices…along with 3 dogs and a cat :)

  1. Charity,
    I had an supervisor once who would look at our team during times of stress and say, “Did anyone die? If no one is dead or is dying then it is not a bad day.” Yesterday was a cheat, I assume no one died or is dying well, except for maybe in the bathroom but that is a whole different thing…a little bit of Lysol and it is all good. ; ) You learned a lesson, and now it’s all good.
    As for your shelter situation…I have one, too!!! I have three chihuahuas and a Shih Tsu. Sadly, I don’t expect my Shih Tsu (A.J. short for Apple Jack Manchu Cruz…how the hell did we come up with that you ask? My son was a toddler who loved apple jacks, the first thing my puppy ran to was the apple jacks Anthony would drop on the floor. Manchu was part of A.J.’s paternal line and then, of course, Cruz) to live for more than another few weeks or months (sickly) and one of my Chihuahuas heart is very bad (Chico). My youngest chihuahua (Zack who is often featured on my blog) is a Merle Chihuahua (he has dachshund lineage.) And then we have Tre (I didn’t come up with the name Tre, he was owned by a family who named him after low-riders….) who is my 4.5 pound black and white holstein looking bundle of love. I used to be a kitty person but after they moved on I acquired the Paris Hilton starter kit of chihuahuas and I just can’t seem to stop. ; )
    Happy Friday to you girlie!

    • Aww! Thanks Beth for the kind encouraging words. I did really good yesterday, but today we had a baby shower at work. I think I did pretty good. I had a very small piece of cake. But, I’m so thankful it’s Friday! And, I love seeing the pics of your chihuahuas! I’m so much more a dog person than I am a cat person, but Jasper is growing on me. πŸ™‚ The guys sure didn’t try very hard at finding him a home except for at my Hope you have a great weekend! ~Charity

  2. Hey, so you messed up. No big deal. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again!! Today is a new day!!! =) That’s what I keep doing. The only way you will truly fail is when you stop trying!! So keep trying!! Come see my new site girlie!! =) Oh, btw, I had a salad at McDonalds last night after my daughters volleyball game!!! (remember I said I wasn’t going to eat burgers and fries and sundaes anymore?!?!?!) =)

    • Awesome job on the salad! I’m still hanging in there I’ve actually lost two more pounds, so still staying in the game! I’ll definitely come check out your sight! Hope you have a good weekend! πŸ™‚

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