Monthly Archives: July 2012

“I’m a Sugar Whore”

In the words of a co-worker, “I’m a sugar whore”. I know my co-worker was trying to be funny and it is, but yet so true. I just might as well claim to be a food whore, lets not restrict it to just sugar. 😉

I have a serious problem with saying no. And, now that my friend is pregnant, it’s like I’m just eating along with her for no real reason…ugh! I had my lunch, was not hungry at all and someone brought cake. She wanted me to go with her, but of course, I cut myself a slice to with plenty of icing. Now, I feel like poo from the sugar crash.

So, looking in the mirror today and facing the facts, it’s almost like an alcoholic at AA, “Hi, my name is Charity and I’m a food whore”. From now on when someone offers me cake and I know I don’t need it and I’m not hungry..I will say to myself, “No, I will not be a food whore; I will keep my mouth closed” 🙂 Thanks to my co-worker for this amusing yet so true realization…

Happy Monday y’all.