One Step at a Time…


Isn’t it beautiful? This is what is known in Little Rock as the Big Dam Bridge. 🙂 And, yes I like to emphasize the Big Damn Bridge…

This bridge connects North Little Rock to Little Rock. It is approximately 1 mile each way if you walk down to the sidewalk. This has become one of my favorite places. I love to come here and walk. Which is unusual for me since I have a fear of bridges and heights, but I guess it’s so beautiful, I leave my fears behind. Either that or maybe by coming here so much, I’ve lost my fears all together. Either way, this has been the best place for me to get some daily exercise time in.

I started only going halfway and then back. Driving here on my lunch and walking for 30 minutes and then going back to the office. Now I’ve been able to get to one side and back. The picture from above was a walking trip with my mom. I’ve gotten her to start exercising with me and helping me stay accountable. We were out running errands on Saturday and I suggested while we were out in Little Rock, maybe we could get a walk in at the bridge. It was beautiful weather and we got there right at the sunset.

I’m having to take fitness kinda slow, one step at a time, but I’m doing it. I’ve stayed committed all this last week and will plan on sticking with it this week to.

I had my weekly weigh in this morning and I am -1.6 pounds! Woohoo! So, I will keep on walking, putting one foot in front of the other and I will get to my goal, one step at a time. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!  ~Charity


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