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And…here we go: Day 1

January 29, 2013 Summary:

Weight: 278 😦

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day for 90 days straight: Done-Completed the video “Total Body Burn” for 41 minutes of aerobics.
  • Get up and exercise in the morning every day for 30 days straight: Did not do-slept in 😦
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water a day: Done-Drank 10 cups of water=80 oz.
  • Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables a day for 90 days straight:Done-Lunch had 8 servings of vegetables (cucumber, carrots, spinach, broccoli, yellow bellpepper, green leaf lettuce, and avocado); Dinner had 5 servings of vegetables (squash-2 servings, asparagus-2 servings, and cauliflower). Total=13 servings for the day! 🙂
  • Take the stairs every day at work for a month: Done! Took the stairs 3 times yesterday inside the building. I have a plan for this…when I need to use the restroom from drinking so much water, I take the stairs up a floor and use the restroom on the floor above. 🙂

Hopefully today will have just as healthy of choices if not better. I hope you all have a great day! ~Charity


Forgotten Feelings

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share about how I had forgotten what certain things were like..and how much I’ve missed them. I had forgotten how much I like certain veggies! I cooked the bbq chicken last night (which was so good by the way) and I also steamed some green peas. I took that first bite of those tender little peas with a tad of butter on them, and it was so scrumptious. I had forgotten how good other veggies are besides potatos and french fries don’t count.

Another thing I forgot? How good it felt to workout and get really sweaty! I went last night to the gym. I didn’t think I was going to because traffic was horrendous on the way home. I was seriously yelling at other drivers like they could hear me. 🙂 So, I was really frustrated and it took me over an hour to make a usual 20 minute drive, but I thought right now as much aggression as I have, I need to go to the gym. It was packed in there. I guess everyone decided this would be the year to get healthy. So, I had a mini workout just having to walk the what seemed like a mile to get to the gym because I had to park so far away. When I got in the only cardio equipment open was a stationary bike. I hopped on and started pedaling. Of course the girl beside me was on a 9 tension and I thought I could totally handle a 5..yeah that didn’t last 5 minutes and I turned down the resistance to 2. But, I did last 30 minutes on the bike riding over 5 miles! Needless to say my buttocks are really, really sore. But, I had forgotten the way it feels to be pedaling your heart out and keep pushing yourself..you’re at 15 go to 20..you’re at 20; you can make it to 30 minutes. And, then the happiness when you surpass what you thought you could physically. Ahh..it’s so nice. I’ll be going back tonight, but I think I will wait until later in the evening after the 5 o’clock rush. I think I’ll go home and eat dinner first and then go to the gym about 8. Maybe it won’t be so packed then. I couldn’t get to any of the weight machines because there were people waiting for them.

But, it’s nice to remember certain feelings. I’m also glad I have this blog to look back on and see what it’s like when I’m eating right and exercising, how much more positive my outlook is. 🙂 I hope everyone else has a great day!

Grumbly Tummy

Hello everyone! I’m trying to stay in contact and stay motivated. But, I am starving!!! I got up late and didn’t have time for my green smoothie this morning and I don’t know if that’s it, but I have not been able to keep my stomach from growling for too long. I had a banana this morning at 8. Then about 11 I had some lettuce, bellpeppers, tomatoes, and carrots with light thousand island dressing. I was hungry still after the salad. So, I went down to subway and got a turkey sandwich on flatbread at 12:30. Um, it’s only 2:15 and my stomach is growling again! What the hey?! I’m drinking plenty of water. I’ve already had 64 oz of water. I don’t know what the deal is…

Well, I have to talk to the hubby, but I planned on doing BBQ glazed baked chicken breast (boneless and skinless of course) with steamed broccoli and cheese and green beans. Or I may convince him to have a date night with me…hmm…we’ll see. But, either way, I will be good I promise. 🙂 Ok, well I guess I’ll just sip on some more yummy water…

Does/did anyone else have this problem with constantly being hungry? I don’t want to snack on high calorie foods, but there is only so much bell peppers and carrots I can eat. Any suggestions?